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February 14
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Superman vs Spiderman Arm Wrestling WS 3 by Superman8193 Superman vs Spiderman Arm Wrestling WS 3 by Superman8193
In honor of my 5th year here on Deviant Art and the fact that I just surpassed 20,000 page views, I re-visited my most popular submission in my gallery. Since I made the original wallpapers, I have improved my wallpaper skills and have upgraded to a widescreen monitor. So this piece needed to be remade! This one with modern logos and the full Superman/Spiderman cutout. Enjoy!

By far one of my favorite wallpapers I have done to date. It is actually a remake of one of the first I ever tried. I got the image of Superman & Spidey from the cover of Wizard magazine #92. It was a bit tough though because they had a graphic covering Spidey's butt, as well as a graphic over Superman's left foot. So I had to re-create both using my editing program. The hardest part of this wall was getting that image of the original comic in his hand. In the original, Superman was reading a copy of Wizard Magazine. I pasted a copy of the cover & skewed the image to fit in Supermans hand. I made three versions of this image.

The background image was drawn by the great Alex Ross.

Kevin Maguire is the artist who did the Wizard #92 cover of Supes & Spidey arm wrestling.

*** I take no credit for the artwork shown here! All credit goes to the original artists! Superman & all related material are property of & Licensed by: DC Comics. Spider-man & all related material are property of & Licensed by: Marvel Comics! ***
fireemblemspider Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Artist
You what? As a Spidey fan, I love this! :D
DTWX Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
Gee, I wonder who's gonna win? :lol:
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